Mahjong Solitaire

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Mahjong Solitaire is a mahjong game with traditional rules and modern graphics. There aren't any shuffles and it is scheduled however, the pace of the game is easy.

Mahjong is a difficult game of puzzles. There are many tiles, some of which are alike, yet have small variations. In addition to the requirement to recognize the patterns, it is impossible to move any tile when both sides are blockade. Both sides should be accessible at a minimum.
Mahjong Solitaire includes hints when you're stuck, however, there's no shuffle option as with other mahjong games. Also, the games are timed, which means that there is an element of urgency in how many tiles you are able to match.
After the game is over and you're done, you'll be awarded an overall score for the tiles you've have matched and also an additional bonus for how far you went through the game before time expired.

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