Mahjong Classic

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Mahjong Classic is a free mahjong game that follows classic rules as well as tiles. This timeless and well-known game tests your logical thinking and memory to the challenge. It is free of time or time constraints, you are free to relax and play an enjoyable mahjong game at your own pace.
The thing that makes mahjong difficult is the inability of moving pieces that have both sides blocked. This means that you can only make mahjong tiles that have at most one of their right or left sides unblocked. It is best to begin at on the highest point, and work to lower.
If you are trapped, Mahjong Classic features infinite tips, and you are able to play the game at any point. This is a refreshing departure from mahjong games which have time limitations and don't provide suggestions. It is a good idea to contemplate about your decisions in this game of puzzles.

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